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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

The 2023 ECA Yearbook has been posted to the website as both a FlipBook and a static PDF. You can also access the ECA Yearbook through the Library. 

Bill Shea has provided us with 30 photos of Charlie Shoemaker. The album can be accessed here: Charlie Shoemaker.  These photos are Copyright by Bill Shea and can be used only to commemorate the life of Charlie Shoemaker.  

Charles Shoemaker, a
three-time ECA National Champion and an inductee into the Ensign Hall of Fame, passed away on June 4, 2024.  Click here for his obituary. 

Fleet 34 has posted news of their Memorial Day sailing event. See under Fleet Reports or click here.

Long time sailor, Mike Frankovich who was a Barnegat Bay sailor, a member of Island Heights Yacht Club, an accomplished Ensign sailor and crewed for Greg Eiffert in several of his National Championship efforts, passed away on May 18, 2024.  Mike's
 obituary can be found here8 Bells - Mike Francovich.

The Spring 2024 edition of the ECA Newsletter has been published and can be downloaded as a PDF.

The Rules Committee Decisions have been updated. The link can be found under the Ensign Class Association entry on the left-side menu. 

The Fall 2023 edition of the ECA Newsletter has been published and can be downloaded as a PDF.

The results from the 2023 Region V Championship Regatta have been posted to the website. Click here or use the Regatta Results menu option. 

The results from the Region II/III Championship Regatta have been added to the website. The Results page also has a link to photos from the regatta and a drone video of one of the races. Click here to view the results, photos and video.   

Rev 5 of the Ensign Restoration Boat Shop list has been added to the Library. You can also download a copy by clicking here.

The company that hosts this website, Club Express, has informed us that email messages from the ECA to members with Apple email address are being blocked by Apple as possible SPAM. Club Express is trying to resolve this issue with Apple but has not yet been successful. We will keep you updated.

The 2022 ECA Yearbook has been uploaded to the Library. You can download the Yearbook as a 
PDF or as a FlipBook.

The Summer 2023 issue of the ECA Newsletter has been posted to the website. You can download a copy 

An Excel file with the names and contact information of known boat shops that can repair Ensigns has been uploaded to the Library under Boat Maintenace and Repairs. We plan to update this list on a regular basis, so please send us suggestions for new shops or comments on the shops listed. You can download the file directly using this link: Ensign Restoration Boat Shops

A new page with the decisions of the ECA Rules Committee has been added. Click here or use the Ensign Class Association menu item on the left side of the page. 

The Fall 2022 edition of the ECA Newsletter has been published. Click here for a PDF copy.
Check out these Ensign sites on Instagram:
Click Here for an Article on the Restoration of #1424 in Good Old Boat Magazine
Click Here for the 2022 Nationals Summary and Results

Click Here for Photos from the 2022 Nationals

Click here for the Summer 2022 Issue of the ECA Newsletter
The 2021 ECA Yearbook has been posted to the Library, as both a PDF and in FlipPDF Format.
Pete Kogut has revised and updated his product review of a A Roller Furler for Hanked-On Sails.
Click here for the results of the 2022 Midwinter Regatta at Lake Murray. 
The online info and registration page is up now for the ECA 2022 Atlantic Coast Championship, to be held in conjunction with the 2022 Helly Hanson Annapolis (NOOD)

Click here for a new Photo Album of the 2022 Mid-Winter Regatta.
Videos of the 2020 Mid-Winter Regatta can be found 

Click here for the Winter/Spring 2022 issue of the ECA Newsletter.
Click Here for an Article on Fleet Building by Commodore Bud Brown.
Click Here for the Current Issue of the Ensign Class Association Newsletter
The 2020 ECA Annual Meeting will be held via Zoom starting at 1:00 pm EST, not 9:00am as originally stated in the Events tile.  The Zoom link will be sent to all members via email.

The December 2021 issue of Points East magazine has graciously provided space for an advertisement for the ECA. Click here  to read the whole interesting issue, and see the ECA ad on page 51.

The 2022 ECA Annual Meeting will be held over Zoom starting at 9:00am EST on Saturday, February 5, 2022.  Instructions for joining by Zoom will be sent to all members before the meeting.

136 photos have been added to the Region 1 Championship Regatta Photo Album.
The NOR for the rescheduled Region V Championship Regatta is available here.

Photos of the 2021 Ensign National Championship Regatta are available
A video of a discussion between Zeke Durica, Chad Lewis and Bud Brown on Ensign restoration techniques has been posted to the Maintenance section of the Library,. You can also click here.
Fran Trapp has written a short note on the 2021 Region 1 Championship at Miramar Yacht Club.  In the Library under Ensign Stories, or click here

Click herefor a drone video of the 2021 Region 1 Championship

The 2020 ECA Yearbook has been published as a FlipBook. Click here, or go to the Library

Two articles have been added to the Library. A product review ofRemovable Boarding Ladders and an article about Distance Race sponsored by Fleet 2 in Houston.


Registration is now open for the 2021 ECA National Championship Regatta. Click here for more information.

The Winter 2021 issue of the ECA Newsletter has been posted to the Library.

Click here for a PDF copy
The 2021 ECA Midwinter Regatta on Lake Murray,

Coral Reef Sailing Apparel has a complete new line of Ensign garb just in time for the holidays.

The 2020 Mid-Winter Regatta will be held March 26-28, 2021 at Columbia Sailing Club on Lake Murray, SC.

Click here for the Fall 2020 ECA Newsletter.

‘King’ of Newport sailing Charles Shoemaker retiring after dominating locally, nationally
On August 25, 2020 a microburst hit Narragansett Bay during Tuesday night sailing. Four Ensigns from Fleet 5 were knocked down. See the stories here.
Click here for the Summer 2020 ECA Newsletter
The ECA Youth Sponsorship Program will now accept grant requests from ECA members on behalf of either an individual youth or a youth sailing program.
Click here for revised program description.

The 2020 Region II/III Championship Regatta has been postponed until 2021 due to the Coronavirus.

The 2020 Region V Championship Regatta has been delayed until 2021 due to the coronavirus.

The 2020 National Championship Regatta has been delayed until 2021 due to the coronavirus.
Click here for letter from the regatta organization committee

One hundred and eight (108) archival issues of the ECA Newsletter, going back to 1965, have been added to the Library. This is a members-only benefit.
The results from the 2019 Region II/III Regatta have been posted
New Rules Voted in By Membership 6/24/2019
The Minutes of the 2019 Annual Membership Meetinghave been posted to the Library, under Board Meeting Minutes.

ECA Commodore Pete Kogut has posted a product review: 
Product Review: A Roller Furler for Hanked-On Sails

Tommy Kasperski from Fleet 83 appointed new Region I Commander. 

Fleet 83 hosted an awesome 2019 Mid-Winter Regatta. Click here for results and photos.
Article on 2019 Mid-Winter Regatta in Columbia Metropolitan Magazine

Fleet 35 hosts successful Annual Meeting in Chicago on 1-12-2019!

New officers elected. New Rule passed. New Yearbook Editor. New opportunities for growth in the works.

Click here for highlights!

Member login instructions have been added to the website. Click here or on the Member Login Instructions item at the bottom of the left sided menu.


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Welcome to the Ensign Class Association

The Ensign is the largest class of full keel sailboats in North America, with over 2000 boats manufactured since 1962. Designed by Carl Alberg, its sustained popularity is due to very solid and durable construction, and a design that lends itself equally and admirably to comfortable family cruising, enjoyable day sailing, and close, strategic, tactical racing. The Ensign Class is one of the strongest national organizations, with numerous local fleets from coast to coast. As a family day sailor, the Ensign has a large, deep cockpit, with enough room to comfortably seat six to eight adults. Its full keel provides a secure, stable ride, and its three-foot draft makes it perfect for the shallower waters of bays and lakes and for anchoring fairly close to a protected shore.

The Ensign Class Association is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Our Federal Tax ID is 06-1203996
Donations to the ECA are tax deductible to the extent allowed by Federal and State law.
You can make a donation by clicking here.

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