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The Nominating Committee consists of three members, each from a different fleet, appointed by the Commodore at an Annual Meeting, which committee shall nominate the Officers for the following term.

Chair: Mike Macina
Members: Eric Jones & Elizabeth Brincklow


The Vice Commodore-Rules, shall with the aid of the Rules Committee, pass on all questions relative to eligibility of boats and equipment, interpret the rules and specifications, and recommend to the Governing Committee any advisable alterations or additions to the class rules.

The Rules Committee shall be appointed immediately after each Annual Meeting by the Commodore. The Vice Commodore - Rules shall chair it and and its other members shall hold office for one year. The collective committee shall assist the Vice Commodore - Rules in carrying out the duties of that office.

Chair: Vice Commodore Rules, Bud Brown
Members: Doug Burtner, Tom Groll, Chad Lewis & Mike Paccione


The Technical Committee shall be regular or associate members appointed by the Commodore to oversee the construction of non-Pearson built Ensigns. The purpose of the committee is to assure new boats are built to the same or equivalent specifications as the Pearson built Ensigns in order to maintain the “one design” characteristics.

Chair: Ward Woodruff
Members: Zeke Durica, Dean Snider & Russ Carr

Ensigns Forever

The Ensigns Forever Committee shall be regular or associate members appointed by the Commodore to promote the Ensign in the sailing community and be responsible for ensuring that a plan is in place to maintain the ability to produce non-Pearson built Ensigns. To support this, the Ensigns Forever Committee will raise voluntary funds from the sailing community and ECA members in excess of dues. The Committee will communicate with the Ensign builder in regards to contracts, the preservation of ECA assets and forecasting potential expenditures that may be requested from the ECA.

Chair: Eric Jones
Members: Russ Carr, Jeff Millin, Joel VerPlank & Mike Macina

Sea III Award

The Sea III Trophy, given in honor of Charles R. Sligh III by the Ensign Class Association, may be awarded annually at the National Championship Regatta to recognize a person who has exemplified outstanding sportsmanship or made exceptional contribution for the benefit of the Ensign Class Association. Any member of the Association is eligible for selection. The selection committee shall be appointed by the Commodore and chaired by the immediate past Commodore of the Association.

Chair: John Cutler
Members: Mike LaHaye & Joel Ver Plank

Hall of Fame

The Ensign Hall of Fame serves to to recognize and perpetuate in its archives a noteworthy piece of Ensign Class folklore. Each inductee will be announced at the Annual Winter Meeting and inducted into the ECA Hall of Fame. A brief write up will be included in the Yearbook, and also included in the ECA website supporting each induction.

Chair: Zeke Durica
Members: Dick Torpey & Scott Mason

Youth Sponsorship Program

The Ensign Class Association, in accordance with its stated goal of fostering sailing and sailing competition, has established a program encompassing Sponsorship and Training. The program is aimed at reducing financial burden incurred by qualified and dedicated youth sailors attending regional, national or international events, sailing seminars, schools or camps. The Youth Sponsorship Program Committee shall consist of three ECA members as appointed by the Commodore at the Annual Meeting.

Chair: Elizabeth Brincklow
Members: Kay Snider & Tom Keesling

Boat and Equipment Placement Donation Program

The boat donation program's main goal is to move old, unused or derelict boats into active fleets and/or youth programs. The  program is an ideal way to attract young sailors to the Ensign Class in partnership with the Youth Sponsorship Program.

Chair: Zeke Durica
Members: Neil Lynch & Joel Ver Plank

National Advisory Committee

The immediate former Officers of the Ensign Class Association are the members of the National Advisory Committee.

Members: John Cutler & Marsha LaHaye

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