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Member Forum Instructions

The new Ensign Class Association website includes "forums" that Members of the ECA can use to discuss issues related to Ensign sailing. We currently have two forums: the Ensign Sailing Forum, for general discussion; and the General Classifieds forum, where Members can list Ensign-related items for sale, or items they wish to purchase.

Anyone who visits the website can read the forum messages, but only Members of the ECA can post messages in the forums. In addition, Members must "join" a forum before they can post messages in that forum.  Here are the instructions for joining a forum and for setting your forum preferences.

First, you need to log into the ECA website. If you problems logging in,  If you know your User Name and Password for this site, just click on the red Member Login button on the homepage, fill in your User Name and Password and then click on Login. If you have trouble logging in, click here to see the Member Login Instructions

After you log in, hover your mouse cursor over your name at the top right. In the box that opens, click on Profile. Then on the Member Profile page clock on Forum General Preferences at the lower left.


In the Forum General Preferences screen, under Message Delivery: Send Email, I recommend you check the box for Send Forum Messages To Me Via Email. (If you do not check this box you will not get notification of any forum messages. You will have to log into the website every time you want to see if there are any new messages.)


Under Message Delivery: Frequency, I recommend you choose Immediately, though some Members may prefer Daily Digest to reduce the number of messages per day.  (You can always change these options.)  Then click Save to return to the Member Profile page.


On the Member Profile page, now click on Forum Memberships. If you have not yet Joined any forums, you will see the General Classifieds and Ensign Sailing Forum listed under Available Forums. (If you have already Joined one or more of these forums, they will be listed under Optional Forums.)


To Join a forum, click on the Join This Forum icon to the right that looks like a circle with a horizontal line. (It is supposed to be a switch rotated to the Off position.)


On the Forum Preferences page for each forum, under Message Delivery, I recommend again that you check the box for Send Forum Messages To Me Via Email, and choose Immediately under Frequency, unless you would prefer the Daily Digest.  Then click on Save.


Once you are through setting your Forum Preferences, click Return to Previous Page to get back to your Member Profile.  You are now done, and Welcome to the Forum!

If you have any issues Joining the forums or setting Forum Preferences, send an email to me at and I will help you complete the process.

Vic Roberts, Webmaster

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