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Honda 2.3
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Thanks for the info on the 2.3. I currently have an old 2 stroke Merc 5 that is hard to start and sometimes(often) unreliable but I was happy to have it yesterday when wind built from 6 knots to 22! I don't think the 2.3 could have handled it. I see that some Ensigns use the 9.9 electric start but that seems too heavy for the boat even if it is easy to start. Looks like I should stay in the 4-6 range. I'm also thinking of extending the recoil start rope into the cockpit through a fairlead so I can get better leverage for starting. 

I have a Honda 2.3. Great for getting  out of harbor and getting back home  when the wind dies. It will Run almost 1.5 hours on a tank of gas. Motoring in heavy winds,15 knots with steep chop is a slow go. I had to put my jib up to make  acceptable headway. If you expect to do a lot of heavy wind,motoring,get something   bigger. I would expect motoring dead into a 30-40 knot squall impossible,though i never tried it. Bought mine for when the wind stops.
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