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Doug Wood Mid-Fleet Trophy

The Doug Wood Mid Fleet Award, offered in honor of Doug Wood by his family, will be presented annually to the skipper who finishes “mid fleet” in the National Championship Regatta. Mid Fleet shall be determined by the number of total contestants divided by two. If there is an uneven number of contestants the award will be presented to the contestant with the higher placement. (i.e. if 41 boats… half is 20.5… award goes to skipper in 21st place.)

Past winners of the The Doug Wood Mid Fleet Award are listed below:

2006 368 Magic Robin Durrschmidt
2007 458 Nightwind Ward Woodruff
2008 524 Talisman Charlie Bessant
2009 363 Magic Robin Durrschmidt
2010 1487 Breezie Weezie Dave Parlin / Ray Leyman
2011 819 Friendly Spirit Rick Conley
2012 2012 Dawn Takehiko Tsutsumi
2013 819 Friendly Spirit Rick Conley
2014 3 Sea III David Sligh
2015 1029 the other woman John Cutler
2016 1693 Hamburgler Jim Barnes
2017 1619 Lil' M LeRoy Pieri
2018 363 Magic Robin Durrschmidt

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