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Sea III Trophy


The Sea III Trophy, given in honor of Charles R. Sligh III by the Ensign Class Association, may be awarded annually at the National Championship Regatta to recognize a person who has exemplified outstanding sportsmanship or made exceptional contribution for the benefit of the Ensign Class Association. Any member of the Association is eligible for selection. The selection committee shall be appointed by the Commodore and chaired by the immediate past Commodore of the Association.

2000 Charles R. Sligh, III
2001 John D. (Zeke) Durica
2002 Richard I. Torpey
2003 No Award
2004 Dean Snider
2005 No award
2006 Skip Nitchie
2007 Ken Horsburgh
2008 Gerald R. Daly
2009 Jack and Noreen Collins
2010 Kay Snider
2011 Bill O’Hara
2012 No Award
2013 Charlie Shoemaker
2014 Elizabeth Brincklow
2015 No Award
2016 Joel VerPlank
2017 Jack Patterson
2018 No Award

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