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Rebuilding the Ensign Interior
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“That’s a pretty boat”, folks occasionally say as Lorelei sails past. Those words bring a smile and a warm feeling, for as any boat owner knows, an occasional compliment does not come without some effort and cost.

Lorelei’s Awlgrip paint job has held up well through the years, but her somewhat attractive exterior belied a much less attractive interior. The interior bunks, or settees, were 55 years old and were in fairly poor condition. The original plywood construction was moisture-rich, the paint had lost its bond, there were places of obvious wood rot, and the open-cell foam had absorbed water.

Foregoing the first part of the 2019 autumn sailing season, I tackled a complete rebuild of her interior. Everything forward of the main bulkhead to the bow was removed and rebuilt, and this is a description of how that was done…


Lorelei’s Interior, Before the Project

 Rebuilt Ensign Interior

Finished Rebuilt Interior
Settees with Removable Buckets Installed (left) and with Settee Lids (right)

View of the Refinished Interior from the Cockpit

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