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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

The ECA Youth Sponsorship Program will now accept grant requests from ECA members on behalf of either an individual youth or a youth sailing program. Click here for revised program description.
The 2020 Region II/III Championship Regatta has been postponed to a date to be determined.

The 2020 Region V Championship Regatta has been delayed until 2021 due to the coronavirus.

The 2020 National Championship Regatta has been delayed until 2021 due to the coronavirus.
Click here for letter from the regatta organization committee

One hundred and eight (108) archival issues of the ECA Newsletter, going back to 1965, have been added to the Library. This is a members-only benefit.
The results from the 2019 Region II/III Regatta have been posted
New Rules Voted in By Membership 6/24/2019
The Minutes of the 2019 Annual Membership Meetinghave been posted to the Library, under Board Meeting Minutes.

ECA Commodore Pete Kogut has posted a product review: 
Product Review: A Roller Furler for Hanked-On Sails

Tommy Kasperski from Fleet 83 appointed new Region I Commander. 

Fleet 83 hosted an awesome 2019 Mid-Winter Regatta. Click here for results and photos.
Article on 2019 Mid-Winter Regatta in Columbia Metropolitan Magazine

Fleet 35 hosts successful Annual Meeting in Chicago on 1-12-2019!

New officers elected. New Rule passed. New Yearbook Editor. New opportunities for growth in the works.

Click here for highlights!

Member login instructions have been added to the website. Click here or on the Member Login Instructions item at the bottom of the left sided menu.


Ensigns on Instagram....
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The Benefits of ECA Membership

The ECA:
#  Maintains an active website for its members, which includes:
    *  Classified Ads
    *  Ensign Stories
    *  Member Discussion
   *  For Sale Boat Listing
   *  Premiere Articles on:
      > repair,
      > tips,
      > tuning,
      > sail trim,
      > cruising,
      > rigging,
      > product reviews
      > How To's
#  Publishes three Newsletters each year.
#  Publishes an annual Yearbook.
#  Helps make sure boat parts are available that meet ECA specifications.
#  Licenses a builder to make new Ensigns
#  Owns the hull and deck molds.
#  Promotes the sport of sailing.
#  Supports youth sailing through the Youth Sponsorship Program.
#  Has a Ships Store with burgees, and other items available for purchase.
#  Certifies new fleets, maintains Regional fleet alignment and helps support, organize, and promote Regional and National Regattas and Cruising Rallies.
#  Maintains a uniform set of class rules to support one design racing.
#  Maintains the database and history of the Ensign Class, membership and fleets.
#  Owns the trademark for the Class symbol.
#  Helps retain the value of your investment.

Welcome to the Ensign Class Association

The Ensign is the largest class of full keel sailboats in North America, with over 2000 boats manufactured since 1962. Designed by Carl Alberg, its sustained popularity is due to very solid and durable construction, and a design that lends itself equally and admirably to comfortable family cruising, enjoyable day sailing, and close, strategic, tactical racing. The Ensign Class is one of the strongest national organizations, with numerous local fleets from coast to coast. As a family day sailor, the Ensign has a large, deep cockpit, with enough room to comfortably seat six to eight adults. Its full keel provides a secure, stable ride, and its three foot draft makes it perfect for the shallower waters of bays and lakes and for anchoring fairly close to a protected shore.

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